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With the relatively large number of Ackley's in the US, and the early arrival to America's shores, there are, as you can imagine quite a large number of Ackley's in America's history. This is a good thing and Ackley's have indeed contributed greatly to this country.

However, keeping track of all of them and knowing which James or Thomas you are referring to can be quite another matter. So to help out those researching the Ackley name on this website we are adopting a method of identification called the "Henry Number System"

Happy New Year! As we move into the new year it provides an opportunity to look back at the previous year and take stock in our accomplishments. My hope is that as you look back you are satisfied with what you see. There is talk by some that 2012 is our last year together due to the upcoming apocalyptic ending on its way. While I enjoyed the movie, I am really hopeful that the ending is not that close as I still have way too many items on my Honey Do list! If you are interested in a more Genealogical year-end wrap up I would suggest that you visit While I don't always agree with Tamura's opinion, I have to admit that at least she always DOES have an opinion.

As for what is coming to this website

I have completed the change over from the old forum software to the new forum. for those of you geeks that are interested, the original forum was built using a program called Agora Forum. this software, originally free, was sold to a new company which promptly turned around and began charging for it. The new package is from the folks over at

While I have completed the transition, there may still be a few glitches as I thy to get all the settings correct. Iwill also be adding categories. I would ask that everyone give it a try. Remember that you need to be a registered member of the stie to actually post, but that should not be too difficult as registration is free!