With the relatively large number of Ackley's in the US, and the early arrival to America's shores, there are, as you can imagine quite a large number of Ackley's in America's history. This is a good thing and Ackley's have indeed contributed greatly to this country.

However, keeping track of all of them and knowing which James or Thomas you are referring to can be quite another matter. So to help out those researching the Ackley name on this website we are adopting a method of identification called the "Henry Number System"

Each person in this genealogy has his own number which, if read from right to left, will give the number of his parents, grandparents, etc. By dropping the last digit on the right from each generation, any person can trace his direct line back to Nicholas Ackley

The capital letter which precedes each number, refers only to the generation of each individual beginning with Nicholas Ackley as Generation A. The children of the second generation are all preceded by the letter "B", the third generation by the letter "C", etc. This merely makes it simpler to trace a person's line of descent.

A Nicholas  
B-1   Hannah (b.~1657) x Edward Purple
C-11 Richard
C-12 Edward
C-13 John
B-2   Elizabeth Mary (b. ~1660) x Abel Shaylor
C-21 Elizabeth
B-3   Sarah
B-4   John
B-5  Thomas x Hannah
    C-51 Hannah
    C-52 Ann(e)
      C-53 Thomas
    C-54 Job
B-6   Nathaniel
B-7   Lydia
B-8   Mary
B-9   James
B-A   Samuel

I have not assigned a number to Nicholas Ackley, the original settler, but have assigned a number 1 through 10 to his ten children in the projected order of their birth: Hannah B-1, Elizabeth B-2, Sarah B-3, John B-4, Thomas B-5, Nathaniel B-6, Lydia B-7, Mary B-8, James B-9, and Samuel B-A. The children of these ten children will be shown by adding a number, in order of birth, to the parent's number. For example, Hannah's children will be C-11, C-12, C-13, etc. Therefore, the children of Hannah's oldest child will be D-111, D-112, D-113, etc. If there are more than nine children, I use the letter 'A' for the tenth child (as is the case with Samuel), 'B' for the eleventh, etc. If there is a question of the exact line of descent, but we are certain that a person is of a particular branch, I will use a question mark where the uncertain gap occurs."

As documents are added to this site, I will attempt where possible to include this "Henry" number with the document for reference.

There are of course perils associated with this plan. Right off the bat there are two individuals that may or may not be children of Nicholas Ackley. I refer to Nicholas and Benjamin. Neither of these sons are listed in the probate of Nicholas Ackley and in fact there is some question as to perhaps they are Grandchildren rather than children. As such I have not associated them with their own Henry Number. So if these two gentlemen do turn out to be the first two children of Nicholas then you can imagine the required re-numbering of ALL descendants and the accompaning Havoc that will cause!