With the relatively large number of Ackley's in the US, and the early arrival to America's shores, there are, as you can imagine quite a large number of Ackley's in America's history. This is a good thing and Ackley's have indeed contributed greatly to this country.

However, keeping track of all of them and knowing which James or Thomas you are referring to can be quite another matter. So to help out those researching the Ackley name on this website we are adopting a method of identification called the "Henry Number System"

Each person in this genealogy has his own number which, if read from right to left, will give the number of his parents, grandparents, etc. By dropping the last digit on the right from each generation, any person can trace his direct line back to Nicholas Ackley

The capital letter which precedes each number, refers only to the generation of each individual beginning with Nicholas Ackley as Generation A. The children of the second generation are all preceded by the letter "B", the third generation by the letter "C", etc. This merely makes it simpler to trace a person's line of descent.

On the main menu there is a tab "Identification" that will take you to additional details as well as a chart that I have started. This chart will be on going and ultimately identify the first 4 generations of Ackley's by their Henry number. Additionally the databases will include this Henry number when it is known.