Website Update

I have just completed a major website update including both the software that runs the website and a rescan of all of the images currently on the site as well as the addition of several new collections!

The big change to the website itself is practically invisible. Behind the curtain however there has been quite a bit going on. First I just completed a major update to the software that runs the site. For those of you that care, this was a migration rather than an update so it required a major effort to get everything moved across. Visually there are some minor differences but overall the look and feel of the site is pretty consistent to the old site. The reason for the move was due to security issues with the old software, as it was no longer being supported I had to move to the new version or risk further security issues.

The second upgrade is more noticeable to visitors. I have completely revamped the database interface that is used to view the documents and other information on the site. The old method incorporated two different pages into one page which in some cases allowed people to gain access to the pages without logging in. Additionally the search engines were cataloging those pages separately and making them available on the search sites. While I don't in principal have an issue with this, the bandwidth from so many people unrelated to the Ackley name downloading these pages was beginning to really affect my bandwidth allowance. The new method I am using is incorporated directly into the webpage you click on.


The Collections has seen quite a few changes and there are now nearly 400 scanned images of documents related to Ackley's!

  • The 1790 census: I rescanned all of the 1790 census documents and then improved their optimization. What this means in non-geek is that you will be able to see bigger, cleaner images. the old images were very hard to read. the new images are MUCH improved!
  • Newspaper Clippings: I have added the new collection Newspaper Clippings to the In Writing Collection. there are 3 clippings there to start, with many more to add, and if you have any you would like to contribute please email me.
  • Books: The books sub-collection has the first 2 books listed with more to come, again if you have suggestions please let me know.
  • Revolutionary War Pensions: I have added 2 more pension files and rescanned ALL of the other files improving greatly their quality. There are many more to come
  • Revolutionary War Service Records: I have added the first of many service records I have available. Many more to come!

Other collections on the way include the 1800 and 1810 census as well as the War of 1812 Pension Records!