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I have just finished the coding needed to be able to display the 1790 US census database on the website. I have added about 60 families with the surname of Ackley or one of its dervitives (meaning misspellings....). I have also added a link that enables you to see an imge of the actual census from 1790. The census pages for the first 6 families are already available. I hope to have all of the images up shortly.

I have also added to the number of Revolutionary War documents I have online. There are now over 200 pages of Revolutionary War documents available, with more on the way. To see a listing of the growing number of documents and records available you can click on the "What's available" link at the bottom of every page.

I have just posted the first source records on the website. It is the 44 page file of Ahira Ackley's Revolutionary War Pension. I have quite a few more to add and hope to get them up within the next few days. You will need to log in to see the pages though. If you are not registered then please do! it is free and relatively painless. Just click on the Register link and fill in the required information. You will then need to respond to a confirmation email and once approved you will be able to view a rapidly growing list of documents about Ackley's online!

The Ackley Surname DNA Project has begun. The Ackley Name has been registered with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). Explore the DNA links found on this website and then if you would like to become a part of this project please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will send out an invite that will give you a discount on the cost of the testing. This project is exciting in that once there are enough participants we stand a very good chance of connecting up many of the branches that do not currently link bac to Nicholas Ackley.

Also, the new registration process has finally been implemented. If you had already registered you may be able to access all areas of the site, please try it. If your access does not work you will need to re-register (for which I am very sorry) but the new system is much more robust and will allow a great deal more security and as well as other nifty things in the very near future (like newsletter mailings!).